Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moo, Oink, Baa...

Arlene is especially thoughtful. She loves to give great gifts, taking into consideration the recipient. She doesn't whip out her check book to cross the "get present" task off her to do list.

And that is why I baked a farm today--for Arlene's friend who is turning 50 and is fanatic about Farmville. Of course Arlene gets credit for the idea. She imagined her friend might like to snack while playing her favorite game. Thoughtful. Again.


  1. oh my Plino's goodies look very good I bet it was a favorite gift this year. And now an addition to your list of goodies for your clients. This week was Al's birthday on St Patrick's day. Pamela and I made chocolate lava cake mm good. It was a box mix from world market then yesterday Garrett made red velvet cupcakes from a mix I also got from world market yes i cheated but i must say both were good. please give lots of hugs to that cutie pie whom is your lovely model.
    Hugs and Peace to you all. Auntie cindy

  2. como sempre, um grande sucesso! kathia adorou os cookies. thank you, tammy to help me please my dear ones, love, bjos arlene