Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend update

1. Blame it on the (full) moon. Could the brightness of the night sky have confused my household (especially a mini-candy-bar-sized blond) into believing it was day when it was really night.

2. Or was it all those parties? Georgia's car seat commentaries after party #2: "home-no, party-more?" She didn't get the homebody gene.

3. I've fallen into the category of parents (all) who think their child's IQ is astronomical. Prodigy, anyone? Did you see G playing a duet with Tio (uncle) Leo?

4. There is nothing prettier than a pregnant belly wrapped in floral--especially when the belly belongs to your glowing friends. Congratulations M & E! You shall have a prodigy, too!

I hope the full moon spiked your punch this weekend. xo

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