Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - Feliz Ano Novo

Dear Georgia,

Tonight is New Year's Eve. And although you might not yet understand the significance of the holiday, I have been waiting to share this evening with my future daughter since I married your Daddy. Because, quite simply, the Brazilian celebration of New Years is magical--like no other "ringing in" I've experienced. It is steep in tradition and I've come to eagerly practice them all in this country that has so kindly welcomed me.

We shall start by dressing all in white (I hope you don't mind wearing the same dress as Mommy?) and wearing new undies (a fresh diaper will do). And shortly before midnight, after a lovely family meal of traditional foods, our bare feet will carry us and our lighted candles to the sea. Don't worry dear little one, we won't have trouble finding the shore because it will be lined with fire-lit torches, flickering light reflecting in the sea. Once there, we will stand together united and white under the moon--our bellies and our hearts full--remembering the prior year and contemplating the next. Soon the seconds will approach midnight: 10, 9. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. It's time to sing out Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Novo! Don't be frightened by the noise. It's just champagne corks popping and fireworks jetting their way up into the inky sky. Embrace your neighbor and join in the song Adeus Ano Velho (Goodbye Old Year).

After you have hugged everyone (more than once), it is time to turn your attention to the sea. Toss some flowers to it's Goddess, Iemanj√°. She will be so grateful. Jump seven waves whilst making seven wishes. Ask for whatever your little heart desires. Although I must tell you, I am having a hard time thinking of my wishes this year because I feel greedy to want for more, dear daughter. Because we are so blessed, this family of ours.


Georgia, Felipe, and I wish you all a very Happy New Year/Feliz Ano Novo!


  1. Tammy,
    your words to Georgia & the beautiful photo of the incredible dresses you both wore...
    "took my breath away"
    love & hugs to all,

  2. Tammy Ann,
    I shall try again to write on this blog for you to receive it. A Happy New Year to each of you there filled with love, happiness, good health and peace. So glad your traditions still carry on there. Ours are hard to keep going. It sounds so dreamy and all goose bumpy bringing in the New Year there. 2010 will prove to be great a year to embrace.
    Love and Miss you all,
    Auntie CindyXOXOXOXO

  3. This was so lovely! It gave my little heart a squeeze.