Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Purple Pop Star

It wasn't the most beautiful cookie and was certainly far from a spitting image of Georgia's sacred-purple-pant-suited-idol. But, by gosh, it was BARNEY!

While Georgia napped this afternoon, I worked on creating balls of colorful fondant icing for a future order. I mixed rainbow colors and then piled the shiny cellophane balls. When the green coincidentally got stacked on top of the purple, an idea arose: a surprise for my little one who learned how to say "thank you" and "your welcome" today. (She says "thank you welcome" all at once but we'll get there.) And I just so happen to have a "naked" Barney in my freezer from last weeks experimenting with the Alice cutters. (G doesn't even know he is there.)

A few strategic placements of the icing and a hurried--rather amateur--looking face later, the surprise was ready just as Georgia started to stir in her crib. I felt like God/Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy. And my daughter looked at me like God/Santa/Easter Bunny/Toothe Fairy for a full minute--all adulation and bliss. Then she bit off Barney's head and said, bom (good in Portuguese). Two seconds later she looked me straight in the eye (deadpan), raised her eyebrow and inquired after Baby Bop (Barney's yellow sidekick).

Unfortunately Baby Bop isn't nude in my freezer and I've yet to bend the metal shape. But I do have a big ball of yellow fondant frosting just waiting for a cookie.

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