Sunday, January 3, 2010


Did we eat a pound of Panettone per person or was it a pound of Panettone consumed per day? I can't answer the question. But I can tell you that 12 people consumed 12 pounds (5 kilos) of a humongous dried fruit loaf during our 12 day beach holiday.

Perhaps that is why we had to return to reality today lest "you are what you eat" (puffy) greets us in the bathroom mirror. Or perhaps to go back to earning paychecks to buy more Panettone for future holiday vacations? Whatever the reason, we are home. And, often times, the best part of traveling is opening your own front door again, slipping under your own (dry) sheets, and rehashing the vacation behind closed lids. It looked something like this....only it rained a lot more than you could ever imagine. (We still got sunburned.) And it was perfect.


Thank you P & V for your generosity.

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  1. I loved these so much.. I wish i could be there.. so lush!