Thursday, January 14, 2010

Benjamin, Bubbles, and Pingu

Clarice sent me an invitation to her son Benjamin's 2nd birthday party last week. The e-vite featured a photo of the party local--an "x" marking the meeting spot in the middle of Parque Ibirapuera. The party theme: a big bubble blowing event with a picnic full of empanadas--a wonderful solution in a city full of unappealing headache-inducing and wallet-reducing party centers. Plus you haven't any worries about squeezing everyone into your apartment. And I'm thinking the clean up will be quick and of the dump into garbage bag variety.

Today was the day to prepare the present. I've been told that Benjamin is in love with Pingu. And after watching a few episodes of Pingu (and his baby sister Pinga), Georgia and I have a penguin crush, too. I love that the characters have their own squeaky language. Adults get to help interpret for the kids (as they see fit)--tackling experiences in the world (arrival of baby sister, jumping on the bed, first day of preschool). And without an understandable language your child's creativity and imagination are challenged to describe what they see (not just watch and regurgitate word for word and over and over).

So in honor of Benjamin and his love for Pingu, I've sewn up a penguin, a fishy snack, and a proper bow tie tee. Hope Benjamin won't mind that Georgia had to try it all out. I am pretty sure he learned about sharing from Pingu.

We're looking forward to blowing some big bubbles on Saturday.

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