Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Georgia, Georgia, bo-borgia,
Banana-fana fo-forgia

I walked the 20 minutes home from the park today with an overtired (cranky) Georgia in stroller while belting out the "Name Song." Every time the verse ended G would shout out another person's (or toy's) name for me to insert in the rhyme and sing. Naturally, I wasn't allowed to take a break from the the tune. But happily it got me home from the park (with a few minutes of extra walking sneakily slipped in) sans meltdown. Plus Georgia finally fell asleep about a block from home.

And while I cannot be certain what the Brazilians on the street were thinking about my serenading, I'd guess they might imagine:

a. I am losing track of reality.
b. My disco stroller (Did I mention my stroller has speakers?) rivals a souped up hot rod with loud stereo (bad music and lots of bass) on a Friday night--windows down. (Maybe I should get a purple under car/stroller lighting kit?)
c. The English classes they have been paying for the last ten years have not helped at all.
d. This child is a wee bit spoiled and this mom is frazzled.
e. Boy are they having fun.
f. All of the above.

I wouldn't hesitate to choose f, all of the above. Did I mention that, in awe and gratitude (She fell asleep!), I googled banana-fana when I got home. And the song that I thought was a clever invention on the part of my mom and her sisters turns out to have a page devoted to its lyrics on Wikipedia!

Go ahead start singing. You know you want to test out your own name...

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  1. Oh Tammy,
    we were watching Jaxen & little Mya last night singing that exact song...what fun we had, and Jaxen became "giggles galore"
    love to you & yours.

    p.s. once again, this blog is addictive, but i promise i do take good care of my clients during the day..."i promise"