Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend 2010: Back in the groove

Back in town. Back in the groove but with some new observations:

1. Georgia is in the parrot phase. Listen repeat and embarrass owner/parent. I realized pretty quickly that I can no longer say four letter words when I am trying to thread an incredibly small needle. It looks like I may have to buy those drugstore glasses that hang around the neck. But I refuse to have a beaded strap.

2. I am certain that the water pressure in my shower head cannot compete with the force of the gush of these afternoon showers. I think the sidewalks dry quicker than my hair, too.

3. São Paulo in January = pleasure to drive. If the traffic were like this all year I might consider getting a Brazilian driver's license.

4. I can only sleep soundly if I know that none of G's toys are missing--especially the soft figurines (they make that wheezing sound when you squeeze) from LA Toy. I really have a thing for Eeyore.

5. I'm not embarrassed that I sewed on Saturday night.

It really was a simple summer weekend in South America. Just what we needed. xo

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