Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In love

Georgia has been working on her sentence structure. And if you aren't around her much you may not understand her language because there isn't always a noun and a verb. But there is always a clear thought. Some examples:

1. Daddy face - Daddy shaved his beard this morning.
2. Mommy pee pee - Mommy went pee this morning.
3. Patrick nose. Patrick doesn't have a nose.
4. Sponge Bob nose. Sponge Bob has an enormous nose.
3. Georgie "coolie" - Georgia wants to go to the club/park NOW.

She does have, however, one complete phrase down pat--noun, verb and all. And I think she even knows the meaning, too. Heading to the club this morning, I spied her through the window of the stroller canopy having an intense encounter with Tigger and Hippo.

"Kiss". (They did.) "Hug" (They did.) Followed by the grammatically perfect: "I love you."

So it's official, Tigger and Hippo are officially an item. And I'm even more smitten.

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