Saturday, April 10, 2010

We did it

Today is a monumental day for me. And this is a heartfelt post--no cupcakes, no cookies. And if I divulge too much, forgive me for my lack of discretion.

Georgia was officially weaned today. Felipe just carried her off to bed for the first time in two years. She fell asleep "tear-free" and without me, snuggled up against her Daddy watching a princess DVD--my prince and my princess.

When G was a little over a year, Felipe asked me if I didn't think it was time to wean. In my heart, I didn't believe it was. So I printed everything I could find on the subject, including the World Health Organization's support of breastfeeding until two (I figured that would convince him.). And I asked him to read the material. If he still believed I should stop, I would support his decision. My dear husband read the materials and encouraged me to keep on going but only until two. Not only did he give me 100% of his support and all of his encouragement, I truly believe he was rather proud of me.

Georgia is going to be two tomorrow. As promised, we've met our goal. And, to be honest, I was worried our special bond would be threatened. But yesterday, at random, my daughter hugged me and declared, "I love you too much." Weaning a two year old was a challenge but probably easier than a one year old. My girl understands. She proudly declares that she is going to be two. And in the next breath says, "no more boo, Georgia big girl."

So for those of you struggling with breastfeeding. If you want to persevere, stick with it and be stubborn. For me the beginning was more difficult than labor but soon became my best ally--and one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. And, most importantly, this little essay isn't meant to only exalt those who breastfeed their babies or their toddlers. Each mother's situation is a unique one. It is a very personal choice.

So today, I exalt daughter and my supportive husband. xo


  1. Good job!!!!!! Love you both!!!!! I know it has not been easy with a million different opinions for a million different people. Always, follow your heart. Happy Birthday dear Georgia.
    Grandma Deany

  2. This was one of the most beautiful post I've ever read. You've sure done a great job and G will grow up a beautiful, smart and strong woman. Congratulations for both, love, Arlene

  3. Tammy, I would LOVE to print out this post and put it in my waiting room for my pregnant and breastfeeding clients...I would not do it without your permission, but it SAYS IT ALL.
    Let me know what you think.
    love & hugs

  4. it is so easy to write about things that are near to the heart. thank you everyone for the support!
    cyndi, i would love to be on the wall of your waiting room! i've often thought of being a lactation consultant (but when!?) and if i can help in this small way it would be meaningful for me!
    love you all!