Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morn'

Aside from the religious aspect, the Easter tradition in Brazil and the United States are quite different. The Bunny uses many of the same tools, namely chocolate and eggs. But the presentation is quite different. And since we are in the States at Easter time this year, G (with the help of Grandpa Bill and Grandma Kelly) is getting a lesson in the ways of the American Rabbit.

So far:

1. We colored a bunch of Easter Eggs and discovered if you write on them with a white crayon before dipping into the dyes, your name may magically appear. And, by the way, hard boiled eggs are not as tasty as chocolate ones.
2. Instead of a filled chocolate egg (Brazil) the American Bunny leaves a basket full of candy and even a toy or two. And if you wake up at 5 am to see your treats, your Grandpa will let you eat candy for breakfast.
3. The Easter Bunny likes to hide eggs around the yard. The morning dew didn't stop the hunt. And the bounty was plentiful this year--even if the dog interfered.

The morning is long when you get up at dawn and a nap is necessary before Easter Brunch. It's hard to imagine the whole rest of the day is still Easter.

Happy Easter! Feliz Pascoa!

Thanks Dad, Kelly, Trace, and Tessa. We are having a wonderful visit!
Miss you Daddy!


  1. miss you girlies. we had our fun american easter also. Paris & sophie and of course Meeee

  2. Hi! It sounds you are having a great time up there!!