Monday, April 26, 2010

Adaptation Week

It isn't the beginning of the school year or even a new semester but Georgia started pre-school (afternoon session) today. I don't know if the impetus was her hugging other children at the Club during our morning outings and not letting them go or the fact that, on occasion, I let her eat too many sprinkles in the afternoon when I was trying to be a good mom and work from home. Anyway, something clicked and Felipe and I decided the time was right. Right now. Luckily, we found a flexible little school that emphasizes the Brazilian and American culture. It seems like an extension of our home (especially since it is a fifteen minute walk) and, most importantly, offers a loving environment and lots of good stimulus for an active little girl (music, capoeira, gardening, cooking--can i go?).

This week is "adaptation week." In other words, I am inside the school building spying on and an arms reach away from little G. Today went so well. She knew all the little songs, played a mean tambourine, and barely asked for me. The director of the school thought she might need just one more day of adaptation. Could it be true? But Is she adapted? Am I? (You knew that was coming.) Well we did have a little (big) melt down (tantrum) tonight at bedtime. But I think she was overtired.

So I am hopeful (and somewhat "adapted"). Tomorrow I am putting her in the school uniform.

Wish us luck!


  1. oh my god! good luck to you, girls! i can't believe she has capoeira classes!!!

  2. wow!!! good for her, this is great for her...and you. xoxo Lina

  3. I'm really proud of both my girlfriends! I know you'll take zillions of pics of G on her first-day-in-uniform, so here's an idea: keep the best pic in a safe place then, 15 years from now, on her graduation day you bake a cake and serve it with a eatable rice-paper picture of her first day at school. I did it. Twice. And it comes faster than you can possible imagine... love U both, bjos

  4. my dear friends! thanks to everyone for the support--as always! arlene, love the photo idea! kisses for all!