Sunday, April 11, 2010


Georgia is two. I cannot believe it. It is all going so fast. I wish I could freeze her at this age for just a little longer. I'm loving our big girl conversations. But I am loving that she still likes to be carried and wears those snuggle bug pajamas with feet. She's so innocent and happy--happy with a small party at home.

I felt guilty not having a little bash organized--especially considering I spend a good part of my time obsessing over every other kid's birthday party. But we just got back from the States (which was a present in itself). I still reserve the right for a possible gathering this month. But this is what we did today.

As of 10 am I still hadn't decided a thing. I did have a little cake baked and was contemplating Sunday night pizza with my in-laws and some cake...that's it. But around 11 am I decided to have lunch at home with them instead. I ran to the supermarket and prepared pecan-crusted chicken, asparagus risotto and salad. I figure next year Georgia will not like this I took advantage. I hunted around in my office for some decorations. A few streamers and flowers later: a garden party. Perfect. Georgia loved it. It didn't matter that the guest list was six. She partied like it was a packed kiddie buffet.

I think the presents and sprinkles on the cake helped. Grandpa and Grandma, after seeing the video, bought her a keyboard. (Rumor has it that Grandpa insisted Mozart didn't have some little toy piano.) And as the evening comes to an end and I lay out this evenings footed pj's pre-bath, I realize this little party may have just been just exactly what we needed.

Happy Birthday dear daughter. You brighten our lives. xo

Thank you to my family in the States. We missed you so much today....


  1. happy happy happy b-day little G! Hope you'll grow to be such a wonderful woman as your mommy is. love, Arlene

  2. Parabéns Geogia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vovó Vera, vovô Plinio estão muito orgulhosos de vc e te amam muito. Seja muito feliz!
    Parabéns Tammy e Fe pelos pais carinhosos e criativos que vcs são!



  3. Miss you and love you very much. It looks like you had a fun birthday my dear Georgia!!!
    Grandma Deany

  4. georgia sends kisses and thanks and me, too!

  5. Hope you had a lovely day with your daughter...enjoy, laugh and hold on to every tiny second. 'cause how everybody says, "they grow up so fast". Soon you may hear, "you like your things and I like my things, i dont have like what you like.....pretty grown up huh? we were talking about a hair. pig tails vs. pony tails....kiss Lina, Paris and Sophie