Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Without much intention, I was surfing the internet this morning while Georgia smeared yogurt all over her face and the kitchen counter. And I kept saving images on my desktop as "pretty 1, pretty 2..."

Perhaps the need for pretty stems from our week post germ-box (airplane). So far my daughter has had: hives (emergency room visit), diarrhea (sorry can't think of a better word), a hacking cough, and a very snotty nose. And I have had it all...all over me. And my nose is red and raw, too.

So I need some pretty. And when I look at my selection it all sort of well accessorizes itself in that romantic nook. Even though I can't really imagine myself all sprawled out, rosy-cheeked, and calm. But it is a nice thought.

We are back on the plane tomorrow, after all.

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  1. love this home but speacilly this dress...I WANT IT I WANNA IT!!!!!!

    beijao nana