Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bogart: In loving Memory

My keyboard is salty with tears and my heart hollow. Our Bogart is gone. He stuck with us through too many apartment changes in NYC and traveled across the ocean to learn Portuguese--a cultured cat...a gentle friend.

I cannot believe that tomorrow he won't roll around on his belly when he hears our key turn in the lock. I'd love the chance to shove him off my belly in frustration..."BOOOOOOGARRRRTTT" when I am sleeping at night. How will Georgia understand the loss of her companion? He never even got jealous when she arrived home from the hospital. And my husband? He lost his best friend today.

You won us all over Bogart. You were with me when Felipe entered my life. You forgave him when he slept with a spray bottle under his pillow to keep you from snuggling with him in bed. (Because, of course, he eventually made room for you, too.) You let us lift your arms above your head to cheer and carry you across our shoulders like a sack of potatoes. You never complained--so docile and sweet. Man's best friend, you could fetch like a dog. I'd give you all my elastic hairbands if I could just have you back. I'm certain all our friends (and my students) would be happy to let you search their bags and lay on their exercise mats while they tried to do push-ups. Because you won over everyone's hearts. Whomever had a cat aversion would say in the next breath--except Bogart.

There was really only one you. Born on the 11th of September 2001--a ball of purring love on a tragic day.

We'll miss you Bow-gie.


  1. Tears are coming down my eyes. I too loved Bogart. Allergies to cats I have but not Bogart. How could a cat be so special????????? He sure was and it is true everyone loved Bogart.
    God Rest His Soul and he will make everyone happy in heaven.
    Grandma Deany

  2. Ohh honey, I feel your sadness. Form the bottom of my heart, i know how hard it is to loose a unconditional companion- on happy days, sad, cranky, pms....they always snuggle right beside no matter what.
    sniff--XO Lina

  3. What happened with him? he wasnt that old... i could feel the sadness in your text.
    say to G that he went heaven to be closer to the stars so he can take care of her wile she is sleeping

  4. Tammy, dear, I am so sorry. You know how I loved Bogard. He was the one who made me bold enough to act like the young girl I once was and bring home a black-skinny-big-eyed-stray-kitten, despite two allergic loved ones and a dog-person husband on a 20th floor apartment. I've had many cats, some dogs, birds, two hamsters and eventually they were all gone, but I still dream that Jack Bauer and I (and Sergio) will grown old and gray together, and he'll still sneak over my bed in the morning to lay down by my feet... Yesterday I told Jack to pray for his sick pal, for if it wasn't for Bogard to revive my love for cats, maybe Jack wouldn't be lying now on my once-oh-so-beautiful-now-riped-chaise-longue. Cah sends her love to you also. Be brave my friend, for you and for G, for that's part of being a Mom too - even though all you want sometimes is someone's lap to cry on. Love, bjos, Arlene.

  5. hope Bogart won't mind my brazilian accent, calling him Bogard with a D...

  6. Love to you all. So sorry to hear about your Bogart.
    Auntie CindyXOXOXO

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  8. Thank you so much to all my loving friends for the emails, comments, phone calls....hugs and support. it is nice to remember that everyone loved bogart as much as we all are wonderful.
    bjs kisses

  9. Tammy, I am so sorry to hear that. He was very cute. I remember that he loved my bag! big hug and kiss, Cris

  10. Tam...I'm so sad to hear! I feel as if it's my own pet. I'm rubbing Slicey's fat belly right now & I'm telling him the sad news. We are missing him dearly in his hometown of New York tonite. I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with Bogart when we stayed at your apartment. He was so cute and loving and he slept with me at nite. He made me feel like I was at home. He ate my hairbands in the bathroom and then smiled because he knew he was too cute to reprimand. I'll miss him! He won't be forgotten! Long live Bogart.