Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back at it.

Georgia put her school uniform on and pranced around the living room like a bird with new feathers. It seems she has already learned some new dance moves at school. And we headed to preschool in a burst of enthusiasm.

Again, I spied out of eyesight. And today Georgia participated more. She answered questions during story time. I had to laugh out loud when the teacher asked the class, "who is standing next to the little girl?" (Classes are in English.) And instead of saying a little boy, Georgia said a little guy. I think the class learned a new word today. And I realized how often I say cute little guy, nice little guy etc. She really shined during Rain, Rain, Go Away. How many cloud cookies and raindrop cookies have we decorated singing that tune at home?

Speaking of cookies...they baked soy chocolate chip ones today. It really is a school I'd like to attend. The teacher told me Georgia insisted on saving one for me. I think little G would like me to add something new to my cookie repertoire. And, by the way, they sent the recipe home in her little satchel.

It was a great day. Upon departure, I was told that my little girl is really well adjusted. They suggested I just drop her off tomorrow--no need to lurk in the corridors! And I happily strolled her home with the smile of a pleased parent. The smile was short lived. Unfortunately the minute we stepped inside our apartment, Georgia's well adjusted demeanor melted faster than an M&M in the sun. Another tantrum. A big one. It came out of nowhere. Georgia's dinner landed in my hair. I am certain the school would not recognize this little girl. And I am trying to understand that she must be going through a lot of emotions these days and is very overtired from the new routine. Naturally, (as a mother) she thinks it is all my fault. But didn't she want to save me a cookie? The storm subsided quicker than the previous night and bedtime was much smoother. But still, I was unnerved.

I suppose the most encouraging part of the tantrum was that she was extremely upset that the "spilled" dinner was all over her school uniform too. She didn't want to take it off. So I am hopeful. And we will be back at it tomorrow. And yes, I am just dropping her off--my well adjusted angel.


  1. nana and vovo veraApril 28, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    so proud about our little girl!!!

    many kisses ang good luck G!!!

    nana and vovó vera

  2. WOW!!!!!! OH BOY!!!!! What a big girl and she looks so adorable in the uniform. I wish I could be there to see her off to school.
    I think Georgia will be helping to teach the class!!!
    Love and MISS,
    Grandma Deany