Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andre arrives...

I was a bit worried while I was in the USA about the possibility of Andre's arrival and not being able to be there to bake the cookies and cakes. I do have capable assistants but I am a bit of a worry wart. So I checked my emails every day to see if Pity was going into labor...and nothing. Relief. sooner did I step off the plane and into my own shower (with the hopes of a nap after an exhaustive journey) than my text message flashed..."I'm on my way to the hospital." It seems Andre wanted me to mix the cake batter!

I think this big little guy (3.8 kilos) is going to love a good celebration. Because it seems that 750 mini cookies and 50 cupcakes were just not enough! Another SMS this morning and 60 more cakes off to the maternity ward. Have I mentioned that Brazil is a social country?

Welcome Andre! Congratulations Pity!

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