Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Night

It has been a really intense weekend. On Friday, I cracked about 40 eggs, had a mere 6 runs to the supermarket, sat only to eat, and staggered late to bed with sugar in my eyebrows. All worth it, as I think 35 week old Olivia felt the love at her baby shower. Her mommy glowed and a belly busting good time was had by all. (I promise lots of photos and better blogging when I no longer have to rub the sleep out of my eyes to edit.) And today was Father's Day. A delicious Balcalhau was served at the in-laws. Felipe loved his gift. Georgia was a perfect daddy's girl: an angel one minute and a dancing, shrieking delight the next. I feel blessed, really blessed. A little tired and oh so happy.

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  1. D E M A I S!! Ela está demais!! Que linda dançarina! Amei! Bjos. Jo.