Sunday, August 16, 2009

Counting Kisses

After begging Georgia for the umpteenth kiss of the day today, I got to thinking about the subject. How many kisses do we plant in a lifetime? If you live in a "we kiss on the cheek in greeting" country the numbers are astounding. If you are the mother of an adorable toddler (and live in said country), the numbers are astronomical. Add to it: I come from a family of kissers. Once you are will be smooched often and on the mouth. Smack! My poor husband--he was scarlet the first time my Aunt "missed his cheek." But take it as a sign of how well you are liked. It's when the said embracing stops that you should worry.

Then I got to thinking about variety. There is the eskimo (nose to nose rub), butterfly (eyelash flutter on your cheek) and the "movie star." The "movie star" kiss is the child's version of the French one. I named it when I was about four watching soap operas at Grandma's house. In demonstration, I would put my tightly closed lips against yours and move my head in circles for a good minute and say mmmmmmm.

With time, practice on my pillow, and a first boyfriend, I figured out that things were just a wee bit different. And now before I lay my head down on my pillow I shall quietly sneak into Georgia's room and peck her warm forehead. And, hopefully, follow that with an authentic movie star smooch on my darling husband. Who's counting anyway? Night night. xxxxx


  1. Sending you a big KISS!!!!!!

  2. Wow, i just realized Im loved like family....
    I love kisses on the mouth, by the select few who deserve them or who actually want them
    Kiss on the mouth.

  3. Tammy I loved your blog!
    I did the other way around: Im Brazilian living with my little girl and my husband in NYC.
    Hope you are having a good time in SP.
    I'm loving the "Big Apple"
    lots of kisses for you,

  4. kisses for all of you lovelies! xo