Thursday, August 20, 2009


There once was a Harvard educated cardiologist. He was really, really smart (obviously, no?). Only, according to a reliable source, (his wife) he often left his brain cells in the pocket of his lab coat, which hung on a hook at the infirmary. So, outside the hospital, his wife did the thinking for him. Only one day, she forgot. You see, her family was in town visiting and she was really excited and busy. That night, they all decided to go out for dinner. Arriving at the restaurant, the husband (Harvard educated cardiologist) looked down and realized. He forgot to put on his shoes.

Moral of this true story: Ladies, when your husbands ask you to help find his belt/wallet/keys/cellphone. And Junior comes back from an outing with a sodden diaper. Smile. It can always be worse. And love them anyway. They deserve it.


  1. that is amazing! the super neurologist Ramachandran (I read at the New Yorker couple of weeks ago) doesn't know the birthday of his kids and wife (they've been together for ages)... Knows everything else, though. great post!

  2. our husbands are never guilty of these things! hee hee! but we love them so...

  3. That's hilarious Tammy!!! If you only knew how many more stories I have for you.

  4. oh tell! i may just have to post it!
    : )