Saturday, August 29, 2009

Traveling Sales(wo)man

Rumor has it in the fashion industry that Ralph Lauren (formerly Ralph Lifshitz) got his start selling neckties door-to-door on Seventh Avenue. Decades later he has an empire. Go figure.

I recently got an order for a strawberry barrette (after seeing Georgia donning the very same at a play date). Inspired, I created some new pieces and put together my "sales kit." Friday, Lu got her strawberry, plus a fried egg and a couple of bows.

Question: Should I change my name?


  1. So creative you are. I will need plenty of these for Brig & Brookes baby girl on the way.
    Love to you & yours.

  2. a girl! how wonderful! i am so happy for parents and grandparents and little brother! i am on my way with all the goodies to share! see you soon...xoxox