Thursday, August 13, 2009


Necessity breeds creativity and poverty begets hustling.
The United States is in a crisis and I live in a third world country.

Photo 1. Wilson sets up shop on Rua Augusta as a weaver. He will fix the seat of your wicker chair for 30 reais and the back for another 30. It will take him about four hours to do the job. He gladly posed for the photo, proud of his work.
Compensation: a hot pão de queijo (cheese bread)

Photo 2. Vitor sells his mom's handmade dish towels. Four reais for one and seven for two. I asked him to pose for a photo and he asked why. "I think your beautiful," I said. "Smile big please!"
Compensation: 2 reais and a bubblegum

Bare minimum to some luxury to others. Pleasure in the small things.


  1. Dear Tammy, you have a talent! this photo shows your sensibility...

    sister Lô.

  2. Hello Tammy,
    My name is Doris and I saw you are Marcela Pepe's friend, at leat she's your follower.
    Welcome to Brazil!
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