Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotlight Talent: Keka Morelle

1. Print Ad: "Only 7% of the Atlantic Rainforest remains"
2. Print Ad: Suplicy Coffee. "Grains so finely selected, we are looking for a headhunter just to find them."
3. Print Ad: Plastik Toy store. War. "For the love of God Jean-Baptiste, stop smiling. I told you already, we are at war."
4. Blog, Store, Brand: Nana Barriga (Nana "Belly")

Extremely talented and very humble, that is Keka Morelle. I knew she was "up there" in the advertising world. But I only found out about the awards and jury at Canne when she missed my exercise class and someone else told me why. Truly a girl after my own heart, with a plateful of projects and ready for more: Discovered today she is also doing post-graduate work in Fashion.

An interview:

Keka Morelle


I am the Art Director for the Ad Agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. I also have a brand/boutique of maternity and children's products, Nana Barriga. I am very happy that I can make my living doing what I enjoy most. I spend my day creating ad campaigns, graphics for a product, picking colors for a new collection, thinking about the decoration in my home and helping a friend create a blog. I love the diversity. One feeds the other and opens my mind to new ideas.

My hometown is São Paulo, Brazil. But I am gaúcha (from the State of Rio Grande do Sul). I have been living in São Paulo for 9 years and like it. But I love having been born in the interior of the South of Brazil. I spent my infancy in a very simple, small town. This is where I learned many important life lessons. My birth town is called Bento Gonçalves.

Favorite color combination:
I love color combinations that don't seem like they belong together. Today I am in love with royal blue and pale pink, brown and baby blue and cream with flourescent lemon.

Favorite typeface:
I like the classics: Helvetica, Swiss, Trajan, and Times

Favorite Brazilian fashion designer:
Ronaldo Fraga. I think he is the most authentic designer we have. I love that he creates clothes using elements of our culture without falling victim to clichês or appearing foolish. I also admire the projects he undertakes with the underprivileged community in Brazil.

Favorite brazilian artist: Beatriz Milhazes. Her pieces make me happy!

Carlota. For the unbeatable dessert. Petit Gateau de doce de leite

A song: Today, Shoulder to Shoulder- Little Joy

Where would you spend all your money internet shopping?
Asos, Colette, Amazon, American Apparel

Salty or Sweet? Sweet. Always. My taste buds have grown so sweet that I don't even have to put sugar in my coffee.

Salty, favorite: I do like Salty, but, together with sweet! Risoto with fruits and meats with jelly. Delicious!

Sweet, favorite: Sweets that remind me of my childhood. Pudim de leite (Caramel Flan), Ambrosia, Doce de leite (Carmel), Creme Brulee

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. I love the smell in the morning in the kitchen.

Night or day?
I am a day person. Invite me to see the sunrise and I will be there ten minutes early.

Sleep in socks?
I can't. My feet need to breather. I sleep without socks and, sometimes, my feet outside the blankets.

Thanks Keka! xo


  1. The print with the pink coffe cup is amazing. I just wish I knew what it said.

  2. hi! if you look at the 1-4 list below the photos...i translated them all! they are ads here in brazil! hope that helps! xoxo