Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sense of Humor

Why it is necessary to have a sense of humor the week of a big event:

1. Tempering chocolate is temperamental. Why does it have to cool to 84 degrees Fahrenheit and not 85? Do you want lollipop swirls that droop or snap?

2. Never reduce the vinegar in a fig chutney the same day you are melting chocolate. One doesn't need to be pregnant to feel nauseous. (Those smells....how they linger!)

3. Why do our children usually get sick (and have to stay home from school) on our busiest weeks. Administer medicine and multi-task....remain calm.

And, well, without getting too descriptive here. What is it with air and subsequent pregnancies? My belly grows from 3 months to nine months as the hours in the day pass. Apparently the uterus is more than ready (upon conception) second time around. It immediately swells up to accommodate a big baby (when your babe is still only the size of a mini chocolate bar). And the rest of junior's motor home? It fills with air. And it is not the of the "I'm feeling a little bloated" variety. I look like I should have my hospital bag packed. And I feel...well...yeah....obviously....

So as I continue cooking and sewing, I try to laugh--in spite of it all! Popsicles and pickles seem to boost the spirits.

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