Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fingers and a Wall

I suppose every parent has the nighttime song and dance routine. The enduring dress rehearsal that goes on and on (the I'm thirsty, not tired, very scared variety show....) before your child finally stops wiggling under the covers and begins the slow and steady breath of sleep. And if you are like me you are usually curled beside your little one in the mini bed--about to succumb to slumber yourself and asking why you have to go through this night after night.

Georgia has never been a good sleeper. (Unfortunately, I think she inherited that from me.) And since I suffered too much with the few attempts at the "cry it out" method, I used breastfeeding as my crutch to get her to log Z's. I'll admit it. Because it worked and my creativity at day's end was pretty limited. But post-weaning has been a real talent show for me. Last week I had to write the a-b-c's on her bare back with my fingernail (an educational back scratching, no less). But when she stared insisting I stop singing the a-b-c's but, rather, say them (We all sing our a-b-c's, now don't we?) I realized she was getting bored with the routine. Plus a cold front has set in and I can't reach her naked back in footsie PJ's. So I've retired another set of tricks from my bag. Next.

Tonight we did shadow puppets. Actually, I could only muster up the open/shut mouth-bird. But her pleasure in the discovery was equal to a standing ovation. In addition to being sweet, the show was short! Ten minutes into the gig, she was snoozing. Obviously, I am inspired. I've found some new techniques in shadow making. I'm pretty certain these will take me well into next week. And after that? Have you seen the Owly's incredible laser cut shadow puppets? Since shipping to Brazil is rather complicated, I might attempt some amateur versions on my own.

I'm already sharpening my scissors.

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  1. this post reminds me of de la guarda in NYC...
    an evening I will never forget.
    hope you,Felipe,Little G & your belly are well.