Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend: !

Mother's Day was the punctuation point of an intense week--an exclamation point symbolizing mountains of emotions and multitasking. But isn't that what being a mom is all about? Highlights in the blur:

1. Georgia's first Mother's Day school performance. She fidgeted and "sang." I cried.

2. Georgia making me a necklace at Sucatinho de Luxo's workshop at the bazaar. "For you mommy, so beautiful." ( I don't know if she meant me or the necklace but I got a lump in my throat.)

3. Receiving a heady bouquet of lilies and pale petals, connecting Greece to Brazil and from my mother (shouldn't it be the other way around?) at the end of a back-aching long day of baking and bazaar participating. (I swallowed hard even before I read the card...) *!^@$# distance!

I suppose the pregnancy hormones and party induced (preparing for parties and not attending, mind you) sleep deprivation doesn't help. Good Excuse. But motherhood can turn a practical girl into anything but...

Hope that all your Mother's Day commemorations included: uncountable kisses and children behaving like angels plus just a little time to put your feet up--or even a long hot shower with the bathroom door closed and, perhaps even, time to slather on some lotion... ahhhh!


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  1. FYI the picture of Georgia on this post is a clone of you Tammy!!!! It is unbelieveable how she looks exactly like you did at her age. Many more nice Mother's Days to come. Love Mom