Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alice for Duda and Nina

There is an Alice in Wonderland fury amongst little girls. And I was pleased for the opportunity to use my home-made cookies shapes again, this time for five year old twins Duda and Nina. The birthday day tea party was Wonderland at its impeccably splendid best. Here are some highlights.

1. In addition to doing the cupcakes and cookies, I held a cookie decorating workshop for the girls. And, let me tell you...future cookie embellishment potential is high! I just wonder if there is enough sugar (and sprinkles) in the marketplace for all the frosting on future baked goods!?

2. It was a real pleasure working with Sucatinha de Luxo again. Camila and her team offered a workshop for the girls to customize their very own Alice inspired bench. I am certain that the children can now reach the sink to brush little sugar coated teeth this night.

3. I got to take Georgia to the festivities! On the car ride home, I asked her if she liked going to work with Mommy. Her response, "No work, Mommy. Party!!!!" Tough Job.

Happy Birthday Duda and Nina!


  1. nice cake!!
    love the workshop! a must-have on nic´s bday!

  2. Oh My!
    cada dia mais fã.
    lindo, lindo, lindo!

  3. Oh I want to come to one of the parties you have a part in. Especially one at Sucatinha de Luxo they seem to go over the top!!! As it should be in celebrating a birthday. Add to that the sweets and goodie bags you prepare I know everyone goes home excitedly with huge smiles and lots to talk about.

    Love to you always, Auntie Cindy