Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bazar da Praça

Getting ready for this bazaar has resulted in a week of little sleep--easier when you are not pregnant and tired. Is it really possible to have morning sickness all day? And why does my own cooking (especially cupcakes) make my stomach flip/flop most? The good news: it forced me to try out some new recipes that I could actually smell. The new cakes: Snickerdoodle, Sicilian Lemon with Citrus Glacé and Spicy Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce and Sugared Ginger Bits. I'm almost not nauseous anymore!

The sweets are available at the bazaar. Along with lots of other non-edible surprises. Of course the classics are there, too. Best of all, the other participants--an incredibly talented group of people--showing their wares. It really is a fast way to spend every penny you earn while you sell--really quite simultaneously. Don't forget to bring your little ones to enjoy Sucatinho de Luxo's children's workshop!

Open through Saturday at 20:00. Bazar da Praça.


  1. Good luck!!! Everything sounds yummy. Love the painted wood cakes!!!!Ha
    Have a great time and lots of fun. xoxoxoxoxox