Monday, May 3, 2010

Friends and Bread

One of my very first posts was about homemade bread and the kindness of my Japanese neighbor Emi. She donated her fifteen year old yeast and time to teach me how to make this fantastic loaf. It was a month before Georgia was born and I vowed to take care of my own pot of yeast together with my eagerly awaited baby.

So for the last two years, the bread has been served every day at our breakfast table. It has contributed to the growth of my girl. And she helps me prepare it weekly. It is a part of our lives.

Only recently, I split my yeast and am now taking care of two (foreshadowing?). But two loaves is a lot of bread. So we started giving them away...and a new ritual was born. We like to wrap them in pretty remnants. And if I could only deliver it fresh out of the oven, I'd love to fill the homes of others with the scent of warm bread kneaded by hand and baked with love.


  1. We loved ours--thank you. Now, that my kitchen is back on track..i would love some of the yeast so I too can bake my bread. kiss Lina