Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend: Declared a Holiday

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Georgia woke up Saturday morning and asked me if she had school. "No, It's Saturday," I declared. Her next breath, "Daddy doesn't work today." But when she went to look for him, she saw his side of the bed was empty. Disappointment ensued. I explained that he had to travel
all weekend. Trying to salvage things, I quickly proclaimed a holiday: Mommy and Georgia Day. I promised not to bake, clean, or answer emails. No working at all.

And I didn't. In one day we:

1. Had breakfast while swirling on the stools of the local bakery.
2. Met friends at the club playground for a play date.
3. Ate steak and fries at the "Dinosaur Restaurant" (i.e. kid friendly place with dinosaur logo).
4. Went to the launch of Isabela Capeto's safari inspired children's collection for C&A Department store (very cute).
5. Stopped by the bookstore and happened on and joined in a painting workshop for kids.
6. Strolled the bustling Jardins neighborhood on a balmy early evening hand and hand (no stroller) eating ice cream.

Whereby Georgia reminded me that it was "getting dark." And we hightailed it home, ate a fried egg over rice, hit the showers and both passed out in Mom and Dad's bed.

But this morning I really had to get some work done. And I found the solution in a makeshift tee-pee we installed in the living room. I may have just opened a step ladder and draped a sheet, but I was able to sneak in a solid hour and a half of work. (She accepted happily that we both couldn't fit inside with room for toys.) In the afternoon she visited with Grandpa and we went to a local theatre and saw Avoar. A busy weekend now over.

As of sundown Daddy will be home. We are waiting!

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  1. A sua filha e linda!
    Hi there...I was trying to get a hold of you via email but for some reason the link doesn't work. I would love to feature Georgia on my blog as our next "Child With Style". Here is my blog:
    my email:
    p.s. I love your blog :)