Monday, September 27, 2010

Butter Side Down

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The week was one of those. If my toast were to fall on the floor it would land butterside down, without question.

1. Household falls apart. Everything seemed to break...garbage disposals, sinks, windows, all the lightbulbs seemed to go out at once (with no replacements in sight). And to top it all of my computer crashed. Where is my hard drive? Will I ever get it back?

2. Work. I am absolutely loving what I am doing. But I need more skilled help. Five hours of sleep a night does not make a pleasant mother or wife. And just when I decide to stop being so controlling and let the new hire assemble the cake while I picked Georgia up from school...I arrive home to something resembling a hamburger (bun and patty) on a plate.

3. Heartburn. Sciatica. Swollen Ankles. My pregnant body's reaction to it all. Sorry baby boy!

4. Sick Child. Friday night finally ready to lay down and sleep. Georgia wakes with a fever and throws up on me. Poor thing.

Okay, I am not one for complaining (on my blog anyway). So forgive me. Of course the week had some great moments personally and professionally.

My favorite: Daddy went out and bought Mr. Potato Head for Georgia. We had promised to give it to her when she was accident free on the potty training front.

Fifteen minutes after she finished arranging Mr. P's nose, she had an accident (number 2). "Georgia, why?" I asked in an exasperated tone. Fishing for a good excuse, she opened her eyes really wide and responded.

"I don't want Mr. Potato Head anymore."

And that ended my week...

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  1. FYI There was a full moon last week. Probably why I walked in the swimming pool with two cell phones tucked inside my bathing suit top.
    Hopefully, this week will be better for everyone. Love and miss you, xoxoxox