Thursday, September 9, 2010

Butchered Beauties

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These lovely artichokes should have been put in a vase. I just don't have luck with this particular vegetable. The first time I had one (in a restaurant and not from the jar), I feigned that I knew how to eat them, shoving the whole leaf in my mouth (of course, I was on a date).

And, today, I tried to trim them in hopes of creating a new dish. I looked in vain for their heart and ended up with a hairy mess of spines and leaves.

The only thing salvageable....a lovely still life?


  1. tadinha de vc! I guess I'll stop by next time you buy artichokes and help you find the heart (but you must cook them first!).
    BTW: a friend of mine called Lili will be in touch by email to talk to you about a bride shower.
    love, saudades, bjos

  2. please! i won't tell you that i went searching for them...uncooked of course!

    missing you! and lili emailed me! thank you so much arlene!

    big kiss for everyone!