Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eco Babies

I recently received an email asking if I would be willing to do an ecologically correct birthday party. Signing off, my client wrote...sempre pensando em que vai ficar para eles. (Always thinking of what will be left for them). The phrase has been in my mind all day and in all of my actions. I don't think I am a very wasteful person. But I could do better. And plastic is too omnipresent in my life.

The phrase, as with anything that brings one's children into context, has me vowing to be more ecologically correct. So today when I was thinking about cribs, I remembered a cardboard one I had seen on-line a few months back. I thought it was, for lack of a better word, "eco-chic." And I wanted it. But then I remembered that baby boy's crib has already held Georgia and Daddy...sentimental and ecologically correct. Check. check. So I think I'll just give it a fresh coat of paint and return to reducing plastic in my household.

I think Georgia's toy bin and my Tupperware would be a good place to start....

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  1. Having cardboard crib or packing things in a recyclable container for a party doesn't classify any of us as , ecologically correct. truly people like to say they are doing something ecologically correct just because it sounds good. But lord knows no one wants to give up their clothes dryer, excessive air conditioning, excessive heating, plastic bags, easy cleaning supplies..
    So unless we live like the amish, we are all victims of the modern world. And unfortunately NO every little bit doesn't count. Sorry. XOXO LINA