Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Angel Food

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We awoke this holiday morning (Independence Day in Brazil) to the sound of much needed rain. Aside from the newspapers reminding us of the dangerous conditions and poor air quality (50 days without a drop), I realized just how long it had been when confusion registered on my daughter's face as she looked out the window. Thereafter we spent the morning talking about umbrellas and thirsty trees whilst singing all the rain songs we hadn't sang in, well more than 50 days. G was really pleased with mother nature.

I, however, tend to resort to melancholy when the sky is gray. My motivation levels plummet drastically and for fear of a holiday locked indoors withToy Story II on continuous play, I decided we better have a project or we'd wilt like the parched flowers. With all the talk of skies and magic, Angel Food Cake seemed appropriate--mini versions with blueberries. Plus they are low in sugar content (after the brownies) and as light and airy as a cloud.

I won't tell you how many eggs we cracked to get the dozen whites we needed. We made a sticky, sticky mess in the kitchen. But the morning passed pleasantly and we had dessert to take to Grandma and Grandpa's....and lots of stories to tell. If we would have just remembered to leave the house with our umbrella...

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. Happy Wednesday...it is going to be a short week. xo


  1. Hey Tammy,
    Why don't you write a post telling us how is to raise a child when there are two cultures mixed? Brazilian from your husband and North America from you? Must be quite a good challenge.
    Greetings from south,
    p.s. that looks delicious

  2. oh thank you bruna!
    a wonderful suggestion really!
    promise to get to it...
    thank you for commenting and happy to have you following!