Monday, June 7, 2010

Still cooking: Morrocan Chicken

There are many reasons why I am posting another food shot.

1. My own cooking no longer makes me nauseous.
2. I am starting to eat things other than tomatoes (although I made the third batch of salsa alongside this Moroccan Chicken dish.)
3. I am pregnant and I am hungry.

So sorry if I am boring you. But if you are looking for something new to do with chicken, try this. It is my own recipe and I lack strict measuring units. But I am going to try my best here. It really is an easy recipe.

How to do it: Take a large chicken breast or two (I always prefer breasts with bones because the flavor is just better.) and brown it in a large pot with a diced onion and about a tablespoon of minced garlic. Once browned, add water and two bouillon cubes until the chicken is covered. Let simmer until chicken is cooked through. Once cooked, remove chicken breast and save your (now) broth for later.

While the chicken is cooling, slice about 3/4 cup of raw almonds. If you are able grind a bit of the almonds so you can have "almond flour" to add to the sliced pieces, it is a nice touch (but don't worry if you don't). Sauté the sliced almonds (and almond flour) in a generous pat of butter until toasted. Go back to your cooled chicken and shred it.

Take out another large skillet and saute another small onion half and a bit more garlic. Add the shredded chicken. Add your broth. Add your almonds. Add a generous teaspoon or more of cinnamon. Add sliced dry dates or raisins (3/4 cup or so). And if you have some "Zathar" spice add that (but don't worry if you don't). Let simmer. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve over rice or couscous. And to make the meal really perfect, accompany this main dish with hummus and coalhada seca (sour cream) or even plain yogurt.

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