Monday, June 28, 2010

Eye Opening

I'm back. An injured cornea stole my vision for a few days. My friend Lina managed to put the pain in words for me: "It is like having a potato chip in your eye." I'm not sure if the discomfort was worse than the frustration of sitting (with my eyes bandaged) in the dark doing nothing. I missed a cake deadline and felt utterly useless. But I am choosing to see the calamity through rose tinted spectacles. Highlights:

1. Georgia's gentle manner with Mommy's "boo-boos" and her charming ability to lead me around our apartment with her little hands.

2. My husband's delight: I sat next to him (blind) on the sofa during an entire World Cup match.

3. I am shopping for new glasses (contacts are forbidden for a while). And I like black nerdy spectacles--whether they are still "in" or not.

And why am I posting a photo of a wedding dress? Aside from longing for some gorgeous visuals after the blackout, I have a new project: decorations and sweets for a wedding. During my initial brainstorming sessions, I realized that the dress is the starting point. It tells a lot about the bride and event. What will it be? Vintage, Modern Princess? Edgy? Decidedly NOT white (wow!)?

I'm having fun imagining--and I don't even need 20/20 vision for that.


  1. tammy, esse foi o vestido que eu mais gostei tambem...temos bom gosto sis!!!!


  2. Hello Tammy Ann,
    You know I love weddings so do keep me posted on the style color and your additions to this affair. So glad to hear that you had a very relaxing day for yourself and family I bet you all enjoyed! Got to love little G for her tender care in seeing you through. auntie cindy xoxoxoxox