Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girl's Best Friend: Simple


In Brazil, it is tradition to wear a simple band (usually not embellished) on your right hand ring finger when you are engaged--switching to the left hand after "I do." Men don't have to sweat out a year's salary to buy the "rock." And women don't spend inordinate amounts of time sizing up each other's rings. I think it is actually a relief for all parties (okay, maybe the men more than the women). And also there is a lovely tradition here of receiving jewelry with the passage of time and monumental life moments as a couple. You sort of earn the "bling."

I have a simple ring. And I love it. I do not covet big diamonds as I wouldn't feel very comfortable wearing one in São Paulo (crime). But, honest to goodness when I saw this ring. I changed my mind fast.

Simple. Gorgeous. And waiting for a monumental moment (me, that is!)...


  1. tammy, dear, I've heard of a tradition which says that a "blonde-american-who-marry-a-brazilian-man-and-give-birth-a-little-boy-second-to-a-beautiful-blonde-girl" are entitled to a ring like that!!! love, kisses

  2. oohhh! i like that! i actually felt bad when i posted because i thought my poor husband would read it and get nervous!! rrrsss...
    bjs saudades arlene

  3. Oh Tammy I say GET IT. You do have an eye for simplicity beauty all in it's natural state. One could only fall in love with this the first time you see it and hey it will last forever. sparkle and shine girl

  4. That is a fantastic ring. Beautiful! You have great taste! :)

  5. It is beautiful. Antonio Bernardo?