Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Working Weekend

I don't have any park or club, playing or lunching photos this weekend. Because I pretty much worked straight through the days that end our week. But I can still offer some random thoughts. In fact...

1. I am developing a callous on my right thumb from squeezing a frosting tube. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you that it is prickly when your foot falls asleep under the table and you pinch it and don't feel a thing.
2. I don't have to worry about child labor laws. Georgia (perhaps in observation of the circles under my eyes), offered to help me work. "Mommy, Georgia-Work." So I set her up with her own frosting tube and a cookie--right next to me at my work station. My hopes of a cookie decorating child prodigy were quickly squelched. "Mommy, Georgia-Eat." Bye-bye cookie. Her employment lasted less than three minutes.
3. Saturday was my record breaking "time-away-from-Georgia" day. Felipe and I switched roles. It was his record breaking "time-with-Georgia" day. Naturally, I fretted unnecessarily. Honey, you did a great job babysitting. But I am not willing to switch roles...
4. I promised myself I would get to bed before 2 am tonight. I might actually even open a book. On the "light" reading list: Elizabeth Gilbert's new novel.

So I'm off. Monday starts a new week--even though there wasn't much recreation or rest this weekend. But whose complaining? Not me.

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