Sunday, February 7, 2010

The weekend was fun.

The weekend was so fun. (I'm having trouble editing the photo selection.)

And it was extremely hot. Moderation was thrown to the wind. And if Friday through Sunday were a play, the Birthday song was the chosen score.

1. Extreme heat - Fried egg sizzling on the sidewalk scalding. Sunburn on the scalp. Citywide shortage of ice cubes. "Muito Quente. Very very hot," said Georgia. Poor thing stepped in a patch of sizzling sunlight while jumping on the trampoline. And later stole a bite of a Tabasco-laden empanada from her Daddy's plate. "Muito Quente. Very very hot. More." And my brave girl went back for seconds--on both.

2. Moderation was thrown to the wind. More pao-de-queijo (cheese buns) and cake (of the chocolate variety) than necessary for any adult--way more than necessary for any child. We sort of "substituted" for meals and forgot the existence of green and leafy. We'll do better on Monday.

3. Birthday song. Samuel. Moshe. Daddy. We spent the weekend surrounded by friends (old and new) and family. We were just dipped in carinho and feeling so lucky.

Can you imagine our Sunday night blues?

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