Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Long Weekend

Brazil Carnival 2010:

1. What could be more? The sum total of SPF protection on blistering shoulders this scalding hot holiday weekend or the number of pieces of confetti littering Copacabana?

2. Georgia is learning modesty. "Mommy, fix bathing suit. Bum-bum." (wet sand in bikini = bottom exposed) Georgia is learning vanity. Georgia. Flower. Hair. Pretty." (Isn't it, though?)

3. If you invite friends the day before Carnival to your *in-law's beach house, they might actually come. What to do? Toss them into the family stew without air conditioning and pray they still like you afterwards. I and G?

4. I like baking birthday cakes in my bathing suit. And I like when everybody eats birthday cake in their bathing suits, even more. Happy Birthday G!

We might not have swiveled our hips to the samba beat nor donned any feathers--or even watched a televised parade--but we threw our worries to the wind (if there was any breeze) and perspired together under the sweltering sun. Better friends. Better Parents.

Back to "Sampa" (São Paulo) Tuesday. There will probably be more traffic than SPF totals and confetti together. Ash Wednesday after 12 pm...the populations returns to reality as the holiday officially ends.

**Thanks to my in-laws...again!

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