Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I started my day searching for the plunger. Naturally, I couldn't find it. And the day continued to plummet downward--even if my flush didn't and later Sponge Bob did....

My cute as pie daughter spent the day in dress rehearsal for the famous (and not too distant) temper- laden days of turning two. She is definitely ready for opening night. In fact, she can skip the rest of the rehearsals. It's a simple part (except for the body language). It can't be difficult to memorize your lines when they consist of one word (one syllable): NO!

The script:

Mommy: Good morning Georgia. Time to have breakfast. Let's make some juice?
Georgia: No.
Mommy: Do you want toast?
Georgia: No.
Mommy: Yogurt?
Georgia: No
Mommy: OJ?
Georgia: No.
Mommy: Let's get dressed.
Georgia: No.
Mommy: We need to change your diaper.
Georgia: No.
Mommy: Let's brush your teeth.
Georgia: No.
Mommy: Let's get in the stroller.
Georgia: No.

And so the day went...on through lunch and into dinner. Nap time was a definite no (with some tears and no sleeping). By evening I looked like I had gotten a bad perm--frazzled. But I was hopeful. The lack of an afternoon nap was certain to make the evening sleep drama much easier. So we went to take our shower. Every toy I offered to toss into the shower box was a resounding, "No". And in frustration, I guess I threw Sponge Bob just a little too high. Bob "jumped" through the sliver of opened window and plummeted four stories. In rescue squad mode, I threw a large towel around my girl and headed down to the scene of the accident.

Mommy: Emergency. Sponge Bob jumped out the window.
Georgia: Ooo-gen-ceeee. Spun Bah jump.

And there he was belly side down on the city sidewalk. SAFE. His large nose continued to protrude outward and he didn't even break one of those skinny legs.

Mommy: Sponge Bob. Yay! Georgia, see....he's just fine. He's okay, okay?
Georgia: YES!

She said it. She knows the y-e-s word! But on the elevator ride back up:

Mommy: Okay let's go...Georgia and Sponge Bob to the shower.
Georgia: No.

But there is a happy ending. It is 8:30 and my angel is fast asleep. Hell Yes!



  1. too cute! i know those "no's" all too well. my newly 3 year old is into telling me how mean i am every second of every day!! so embrace those no's for now :) I am forever thankful these days for my 10 month old that says "ma-ma" lovingly, i know i'll miss these days when her "ma-ma" turns into a resounding no. it won't be long! your little girl is precious!

  2. oh no! really? and just imagine when they are teenagers and we aren't allowed to enter their rooms without knocking. do you think they'll like being reminded that they used to want to sleep in our beds with us?
    kisses for those babies of yours...
    a lovely weekend, too!