Friday, February 26, 2010

Slim Pickins'

There are slim pickings in my refrigerator this week. Potentially delicious meals that lost their appeal in Tupperware. Leftovers again. At the moment, I'm a wife too busy for gourmet meal presentations. This week, it's zap it in the micro and beepity-beep. We are eating without place mats and the napkins are paper.

So like my husband who stares vacant (or sad?) eyed at those plastic boxed mysteries, I'm staring at this white screen wondering what it is I can post in a breeze and still be entertaining. I'm a blogger too busy for intricate post productions. This week I need to borrow from youtube.

You see I am lost in an all consuming maze. I turn the corner to Alice and that Rabbit. "Oh my's late, it's late..." I look behind me and see Hannah Montana. Is her guitar purple? Overhead angels are wafting by...can clouds be chocolate? My right thumb is semi-permanently indented from the frosting tube. And I've let my girl eat way too many sprinkles.

My life is stuck in a theme. Should I worry that I envision turning everything into a cookie cutter...including my daughter. And, hey, why not my husband? Am I neglecting my family? How can a wife/mom/small "business-starter-upper" do it all and still have her eyebrows tweezed?

I certainly haven't the answer for this multi-tasking maze. I'm just doing. And in case you feel like spending the day in my theme park, I am taking photos for you to bear with me. I'll get there. I think.

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