Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend - No End


I am posting the weekend on Tuesday. As I cannot really tell the difference between the days that make up the work week and the days that do not. It has been a rather trying time at home.

I picked Georgia up from school to find her burning with fever on Friday. The subsequent days have rendered my already emotionally drained daughter needier than ever. "Colo, Mommy!" (Hold me!) And I did--all weekend long as she sweated deliriously through the fever. The nights were spent with one child or other in my arms and washing myself down with alcohol to try and keep the virus away from Sebastian--Georgia's frustration with her brother increasing by the hour. Why would I have him in my arms when she was sick? Why won't I let her hold him right now? It is difficult to explain the concept of spreading germs to a two year old with a new sibling that resembles a doll. And more difficult to console one when you have the other on your breast.

And as I re-hash the weekend spent entirely indoors. I realize that Monday and Tuesday have been exactly the same. No school for Georgia. No break for Mommy. Cabin Fever. Tears. Snot. Endless loads of soiled bedding. And little little sleep.

Perhaps a few positive points?

1. Grandma Deany made chicken soup to cure us all.
2. Vovó Vera delivered a homemade holiday doll.
3. Georgia declared her painting from school to be "like Jackson Pollock."
4. Sebastian remains a calm little guy.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Perhaps by next weekend we will be back on track.

In spite of it all, I still love being a mother of two.

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