Monday, November 22, 2010

A Weekend Lullaby


Sebastian is still confused. Day is night. Night is day. The quiet of the house and his eyes open bright. Just the two of us staring, eating and dozing...I love having a son.

And Georgia? Her first time sitting on Santa's lap. Eyes wide for her, too. The promise of Christmas helps her be a good girl. (works for me!)

Extra pajama time...we are a family of four. Everything takes get out the door.

Hectic, yes. But honestly?

I think it is the calmest weekend in a while.


  1. just love how we can all feel the love in your house in these pics.
    os primeiros meses de m bebe em casa... ah, quase com vontade de ter um terceiro.
    curtam muito.

  2. Ilana! thank you...that is so sweet. and i know what you mean...someone asked me (already) if we were "done." and even though we planned on just two little heart felt squeezed. sera?
    kisses for you all!