Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Numa Boa!

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My Mother always told me that God sends us the baby we are able to manage at that moment in our lives. And, for certain, He only sends us one collicky infant. And as sweet as Georgia can be, she was the quintessential collicky new-born. She cried for hours and hours on end. We paced the halls with her in our arms and tried every remedy to get her to sleep. I suppose she may have been hungry as my first attempts at breastfeeding were problematic. It seems I produced the skim variety. My doctor's visits were like puragatory. She was never gaining enough and I had to go back every other day for the dreaded weigh in. Bullheaded, I refused to supplement. And we made it through, again, albeit slowly.

And Sebastian? My Mother was right. He is the calm our agitated home needs (especially my husband). He is everything that Georgia (and I) are not. Easy-going. Laid back. I have yet to hear him cry. He is a hungry little guy. Breastfeeding is going smoothly. Naturally I chewed my nails as he was put on the scale at the pediatrican's office. The results: 100 grams gained the first week, the ultimate prize for me. I cried silent victory tears of relief in the doctor's office.

And our days are passing smoothly.

Our family is complete.


  1. Thanks Gog! He is such an angel....mal posso esperar para ve-lo opinando pela casa e pela familia....welcome little sebastian we yet love you so....

    xoxo love, tia nana

  2. he seems to be blondier now...and he goins to be calm, handsome, very smat and strong caracter!!! (mapa astral) hahahaha

    love you tammy, you are a blessing in our family, you teach us so much and complete our caos with your strehgth and good rights...thank you so for being part of us and understand our big faults....montagna´s are so happy to have you part of us!

  3. too sweet, nana!
    thank you for including me! i'm lucky!

  4. congrats tammy! elé parece ser um anjinho mesmo.
    lendo o seu post me fez lembrar da nicole... que trabalhao q ela deu... foi um bebe cheio de colicas!!! em compensacao a larissa... é um anjinho!
    ai eu vejo hoje que a ansiedade de mamae de primeira viagem passa para o nene. o pediatra disse que a maioria do bebes que tem colica sao os primeiro filhos, dificil os segundos terem.
    espero q vcs estejam bem!
    tudo de bom pra vcs!!
    linda familia!
    bjos, chris hong.

  5. are so right about that! and i heard the third child raises itself! rrrsss...
    wishing you and your lovelies all the best!