Monday, June 8, 2009

It's happening...

I will never forget the last party we attended in those final weeks of pregnancy.  Felipe and I were both nervous about the recent onset of contractions and impending parenthood.  I imagine everyone at the party must have sensed this because they were full of positivity and bubbling on and on about the joys of being parents.  One story in particular stood out.  This mom advised Felipe not to feel left out in the beginning as my concentration and attention would be pretty focused on Georgia.  And, also, that because of breastfeeding and the recent rupture of the umbilical cord, I would be the center of Georgia's Universe....for a while anyway.  But....oh how this will change she lamented.  This morning my toddler daughter asked me if  I would like to play Cinderella.  She would be Cinderella, Daddy would be the Prince, and Mommy could be the Witch!

Need I tell you that little Georgia has found her prince?

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