Monday, June 8, 2009

Do you live in Rio?

Whenever I am back in the States and mention that I live in Brazil most people get an incredulous and almost envious look in their eyes and say, "wow, Rio de Janeiro!" Not exactly. Sao Paulo, actually. I guess it is when Brazilians meet Americans and find out that they live in, say, Cleveland (sorry, Clevelanders...) and not New York or L.A. Forgive me Paulistanos, I have definitely grown to love this town but, really, how can anything compare with Rio? I know the issues with violence. I know the economy can't compare to Sao Paulo. But, really? Could it be MORE beautiful? You don't need Christ on the Mountain to know this city was blessed geographically.

I think Felipe regrets a little taking me there for the best Mother's Day present to date (I know it is only my second Mother's Day but maybe he will take me to Rio again next year!). I cannot stop talking or imagining future job transfers. How well we fit in there as a family! I go to bed at night dreaming of riding to the beach in the morning with Georgia strapped in:

They even have little stroller "parking lots" in front of the beach. And, need I say, Georgia thought sipping a coconut water while strolling Ipanema was just swell:

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