Wednesday, May 25, 2011



There are two things I am absolutely certain about: I have too many photos on my computer and I have an amazing friend who knows that I will never have the time to put them in book format. (And, of course, that I would really like to...)

Meet Karen. My friend. And the founder of Kromakids. The very best present a mom could ever give herself. And the best gift a child could add to the library. It is now Georgia's new bedtime favorite, "lets read the book about my birthday party."

Ready to read over and over, the book is so pretty. Plus you don't have to worry about your computer crashing and losing your precious moments.

Hire Karen for your next event. Her photos are great and you will never tire of pulling your book off the shelf.

Adorei Karen! Thank you!


  1. Tammy linda,
    Não tenho palavras para agradecer!!
    Que fotos MA RA VI LHO SAS!
    Ver esta cena dos pequenos com o fotolivro é a maior compensação para meu trabalho!
    Estou emocionada!!!!

    Beijão para vc e sua linda família e vida longa aos nossos belos momentos nesta vida!

  2. O trabalho de ambas as duas são obra prima que alimentam a alma! Sou fã!

  3. obrigada!! "sou love!" i am grateful to have such wonderful friends and happy moments to record! are going to have to open a publishing house! many many kind thank yous!

  4. lindo! bj tia nana