Tuesday, May 3, 2011


CONVITE GEORGIA 2SITEIMG_1115IMG_2210IMG_0952IMG_2303IMG_2233IMG_2206IMG_1038IMG_2310IMG_2222IMG_2220IMG_2200IMG_2195

Every week Georgia watches the planning and conception of party after party. She always knows the name and theme of the celebrant. She is interested and she is a good sport--especially considering she has yet to have a big bash of her own. In Portuguese there is the expression: "casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau"...in the house of a blacksmith you'll find a wooden stick i.e. shoemaker's son goes barefoot. Yes, I know.

So last week, my kitchen and craft room were finally devoted to Georgia's Hello Kitty (her choice) Birthday Party. My mother and aunt stepped off the plane and into an apron. And we all worked non-stop, inviting more people than our living room could hold and feeding the children more sweets than the dentist would ever allow. And we partied. (I found a brigadeiro in the plant this morning!) Face Painting. Puppet Shows. Mini Burgers. Salgados. Sandwiches. Kiddy Music. Three cakes....oh my.

A special thanks to the unbelievably talented Alice for the charming invitation and graphic touches. (I am looking forward to more collaborations.) And of course to everyone who helped my little girl not go barefoot anymore...



  1. Everything is so beautiful! Congrats!!

  2. Parabens Georgia.. for your birthday and your beautiful party.

  3. thank you thank you! wish i could have everyone in my living room!

  4. tammy, beautiful party!
    e no fim eu tenho uma pneumonia, boa desculpa para perder uma festa tao linda. mas essa semana deixo o presente da georgia ai na sua casa, a eva me lembra todos os dias que o presente da georgia ta em casa e ela vai ficar muito triste sem. beijos

  5. Hooray for Gerogia !!! :D Happy third year to you.Everything looked so beautiful,festive and yummy. It looks and sounds like it was a terrific time celebrating. Love to you always, Auntie Cindy,Garrett and Samantha xoxoxoxox

  6. I so agree with A. Cindy...too festive for words!!! love & hugs to all. XOX

  7. Gosh, what a lovely party! Everything is so pretty. I loved these white lollypops... are they made of white chocolate?

  8. thank you again everyone!!! was much fun! really wish we could have had everyone from near and far together!

    mariana, thanks...and yes they are white chocolate (did them in dark chocolate, too!) bjs


  9. Linda linda...saudades de vc! a festa estava lindíssima, as fotos estão d+...pena que não tinha visto antes! bjkasssss