Sunday, January 30, 2011



The weekend was scorching...egg frying on the, hot, hot! Our homemade ice cream sandwiches melted before we could package them pretty. We went to a birthday party and all the kids played in their undies. Inspired, we did the same at home. Nothing helped.

And we sweated through the weekend....sticky and sweet.


  1. Hello Dear Tammy Ann, Boy it has been so long since i've written you. I have been checking on the blog just not responding. And you seem just as busy as ever. And creativity never stops with you I always see something new. I feel Georgia in her photos she is just as creative and busy as her mommy. and so adorable Georgia and sebastian both. He is really growing, is he still the calm happy baby.he looks it. you all keep cool:) love and miss you a cindy xoxoxox

  2. so happy that you are keeping up with us down her via the blog! hope you and the children (i suppose i cannot call them that anymore!) are doing well!
    love you so....xo